Meet Rob Lytle

My Journey

          Rob Lytle is a sought-out speaker, entrepenuer, proven leader, educator, pastor, and combat tested Marine Corps Veteran. Rob has taken consultation to the next level, with his creative, common-sense approach to living a successful, satisfying professional and personal life. Rob learned early on in life that tragedy is a part of growth after his mother was murdered when he was just twelve years of age. Living with a single Father and his younger sister Rob grew up in impoverished conditions in the mountains of Western North Carolina. With his father in and out of jail, and having to help raise his younger sister, Rob found himself working three jobs through High School and barely graduating.

          In 1997, Rob found a way out of destitution, and cyclic generational poverty by joining the Marines. Beginning at Marine Corps Recruit Depot, Parris Island, South Carolina Rob served in the Marines for over 22 years. His service includes combat theaters such as Iraq and Afghanistan as well as humanitarian and peace keeping missions in Europe, Africa, Bahrain, and Asia. Rob’s experience in the Marines taught him how to teach, influence, mentor people to their full potential, and equip others to pay it forward. This leadership philosophy (Teach, Influence, Mentor, & Equip) is referred to as T.I.M.E. This people centric approach allows managers to learn and employ resilient methods of leadership aimed at full individual, organizational, and team potential. Schedule a free assessment and take the first step to greater influence, impact, profit, and balance.

          As CEO of his Consulting Firm, Lytle Leadership LLC., Rob is leading his team through the doors of the most successful organizations and Fortune 500 companies. The Lytle Leadership Firm is a management, coaching, training development, and professional speaking company created to take your organizational leadership and life to the next level. Rob is married to his beautiful wife Michele and they have 4 wonderful children.

Colorful Lights

To assist people and organizations with reaching their full potential.


To be the premier leadership and management consulting firm in North Texas and beyond.

Core Values
People >>>>> Nothing is possible without our people!
Progress >>> Forward Momentum is a leaders best Friend!
Potential >>> The reason for leadership, management and goal setting!
 Profit >>>>>> Our client's bottom line is important to us!


“Rob Lytle is a superb teacher, coach, and mentor. His engagements with executive and subordinate leadership resulted in process improvements to myriad internal policies and programs that produced measurable results and achieved a health and positive climate. He possesses the professionalism, aptitude, and personality most desire on an executive level team.”

J. P. Sullivan, Colonel, USMC

After Action Leadership and Performance Evaluation

“His involved leadership, calculated initiatives, and professional investments in all aspects of the organization, its mission, and its people had a positive and enduring impact on operational readiness, and mission performance. He is an intelligent, highly proactive, and disciplined leader with an approachable disposition that imbues confidence, produces cohesion, and generates action”.

Christopher Annunziata, LtCol, USMC

After Action Leadership and Performance Evaluation